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How Personal Values Improve Your Financial Growth

Have you ever wondered why a prospect didn’t get back to you? Or, why you’re exhausted more days than not. Well, it’s no secret that growth takes consistency to achieve results, but your values will you the exact roadmap to increasing your revenue.

How is that you may ask?

Let me explain. Your values are connected to your beliefs. Your beliefs determine your actions. When your actions are in alignment with your values then this is where you will achieve respect within your industry and increase your revenue.

Here are the top three values you need to succeed in when doing business:

1. Transparency

If there is a lack of clarity in terms of how you are operating in business, then it can make it confusing as to what processes or steps need to happen next internally or externally. Having a clear plan of action or boundaries based on how you operate when doing business not only creates clarity on the terms of business but allows your prospects to move forward with ease.

If at any chance a prospect is confused about how you can help them, and what product or service you sell they will come to an immediate halt. They need to know the benefits upfront, the terms, and conditions of the agreement, as well as the fees associated with doing business.

2. Integrity

In business, your word needs to be good as gold if you want to build a solid reputation. A lack of follow-through on promises will have your business leads drying up faster than paint. Failure to produce won’t earn your business a five-star review, referrals from current clients, or a consistent stream of revenue.

Integrity is what builds trust in relationships so without it, the connection can be lost. Trust is the ultimate foundation of any business relationship or brand recognition.

3. Communication

The three C’s of communication are essential to keeping clients engaged and not pushing them away. For great communication, emotional regulation will be paramount, especially in moments that may get sticky. The three C’s are concise messaging, a calm tone of voice, and constructive language. Following these simple tips allows your prospect to open up to you without feeling pressured or emotionally flooded by your communication style.

We’ve seen one too many times where people tend to fall short on proper communication to keep the business relationship growing or overly communicate which repels prospects. There is a happy flow that keeps the communication respectful, engaging and balanced.

Looking to define your roadmap to revenue? Let’s hop on a brief call.


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