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Conflict Resolution


Our Conflict Resolution Consulting engages with organizations to help employees and executives strengthen their relationships through psychological relationship-building skills, professional boundaries, negotiation skills, and conflict resolution tips to maintain powerful relationships within and outside the company.

While people often cringe at the sign of conflict, we show you how to use conflict as a way to bridge the gap between differences to remain a unified company by managing it successfully. It's knowing how to leverage conflict as an opportunity for growth and navigate challenging conversations with ease for a positive culture.


Conflict Issues
That Inhibit Growth

High Stress


Ineffective communication channels between management and employees. Emotional outbursts are too frequent.



Unable to resolve conflict effectively and efficiently. Feeling disconnected from prospects and clients.

Unrealistic Deadlines 

Employees feel expectations are unrealistic causing high stress and anxiety. Teammates are disjointed.

Lack of Team Mentality

Employees revert to "me against the world" rather than learning how to create "we" wins as a team.

Each year approximately $50 million is spent on workplace conflict settlements in court, costing the average company $125K for defense and settlement

Companies who invest in effective conflict resolution training have reduced employee retention at 13% whereas companies that fail to invest as high at 49% 

85% of employees face some kind of conflict in the workplace

50% of employees will consider switching jobs due to high stress and conflict


"Since our company began a hybrid workplace, we have seen a drop in productivity. We reached out to the team of Twenty Eight to see how they could help us improve our performance and employee engagement. After a few months, we have seen an increase in positive morale among our employees and executives which has increased our streams of revenue. If your team is struggling with transition, Jan and Jillian are the team to hire for your company."             

Michael, Executive of Business Development


Working Together


Offering conflict management training in the workplace helps employees achieve high performance, reach their goals, and feel like a valuable asset to

their organization. 

Clapping Audience

Positive Company

Creating a company culture 

where employees see their 

work community as part of their lifestyle increases productivity and promotes an increase in

revenue growth. 



It's well-known by most that companies who provide professional advancement, such as negotiation skills, to their employees are less likely to leave their job and have overall higher retention.

Conflict Resolution Consulting Can Elevate Your
Company's Culture:

  • Promote internal growth and productivity through trust and transparency

  • Build effective communication skills for client relations and team-building

  • Establish professional boundaries amongst employees and leaders to improve the health of your organization


Conflict Resolution Consulting:

Meeting Room Business

Team Building and Productivity 

Better Communication Channels 

Relationship Intelligence

Develop relationship-building and conflict management skills to maintain open communication channels among teams

Discover how to navigate challenges and difficult conversations with assertiveness to maintain the health of the company culture

Utilize positive body language, tonality, and boundaries to reduce discord and achieve resolution. 


FAQ About Conflict
Resolution Consulting

  • 74% of employees who go through conflict resolution training were able to resolve internal and external issues efficiently 

  • 485,800 employees resign every year due to conflict which cost the company 1.5 times their salary to rehire and train a new employee

  • 1 out of every 7 employees is engaged in mindfulness activities and express less stress and conflict in the workplace

  • On average it cost $1K per employee every year due to internal conflict, yet this number is cut in half with conflict managment skills

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