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Relationship Capital

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Our Relationship Intelligence Blueprint helps organizations train their employees and executives to strengthen their internal and external relationships through powerful connecting skills, boundaries, negotiation, sales psychology, conflict resolution, and effective communication techniques using a high-value system.

The blueprint will increase your team's ability to understand the psychology behind building a strong foundation, high-stake decision-making, securing trust, and positioning themselves as experts to ensure long-term relationships. 


Relationship Capital Challenges 

Internal Conflict

Ineffective communication and unresolved conflicts within your team can lead to dissatisfaction, reduced productivity, and high turnover rates.

 Strained Clients

Misunderstandings, unmet expectations, and communication breakdowns with clients can damage trust and hinder long-term partnerships.

Stagnant Growth

A lack of rapport with both internal and external stakeholders can result in missed opportunities, reduced sales, and stagnant revenue growth.


Inablity to see outside of the problem and create effective resolutions can lead to a toxic work environment and

client disassifaction.

95% of those with training reported it helped them find positive conflict resolutions

27% of employees are more confident and comfortable with disputes after training

85% of workers report being able to experience conflict without being offended because of their training and more satisfied with their job


"We hired Twenty Eight's team to help our organization overcome some hang-ups we were facing within our client relations department. Our staff was able to get the relationship consulting they needed to improve our client's satisfaction and success. The value is worth it!"             

Jennifer, Vice President of Client Relations



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Relationship intelligence skills help employees and executives achieve better performance when there are clear lines of communication and boundaries in place.

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Trustworthy Relationships

Building trustworthy relationships within and outside the organization improve client satisfaction, outperforms your competitors, and increases the organization's worth.



Negotiation skills provide effective solutions and psychological strategies to achieve powerful client relations and revenue goals. Mutual win-win situations for all parties involved.

Relationship Capital Consulting Can Improve Client Relationships And Increase Revenue:

  • Boost client loyalty and customer satisfaction through value and trust 

  • Secure favorable agreements that benefit your bottom line and long-term growth goals.

  • Build a reputation that attracts clients, partners, and top talent.

  • Quickly pivot market challenges, form strategic alliances, and seize new opportunities.


Relationship Capital Benefits:


Stronger Partnerships

Sustainable Growth

Increased Collaboration

Results in increased customer retention, repeat business, and referrals, ultimately boosting revenue and profitability

The company can rely on a network of loyal stakeholders who support its continued success.

Effective communication and conflict resolution skills can create a more harmonious work environment. 

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FAQ Relationship-Driven Revenue

  • 63% of customers believe companies need to listen more to their feedback

  • 89% of buyers are more likely to make a purchase when they feel understood by sellers

  • Conflicts cost companies 6% of annual revenue.

  • 44% of customers believe companies need to add channels for connection

  • Salespeople with high emotional intelligence have a 15% higher close rate than those with low emotional intelligence.

  • 93% of all communication consists of gestures, facial expressions, posture and vocal tone, while only 7% of messages are conveyed through words. Body language had a direct impact on face-to-face sales.

  • Emotional intelligence is responsible for 58% of professional success.

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