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Three Relationship Tips To Closing The Sale

Most of the time, professionals are taught sales strategies that can feel pushy, aggressive, and downright annoyingly scammy. This is the old way of doing sales and it will come back to bite you in the you know what.

In fact, I doubt you’ll close many sales if you are following the old model. Most of the time you probably receive an immediate “no”, get hung up on, or have your direct messages ignored. You are literally pumping through numbers of how many people you can contact a day versus focusing on the quality of conversations you can have.

Here Are Three Tips To Closing The Sale Guaranteed:

1. Listen More Than Talk

Sales is about building a relationship and connecting with your prospect or customer. There is no better way to connect with someone than to ask the best strategic questions. If you aren’t asking questions, how can you learn about who your prospect is and what problem they are currently experiencing?

Questions get your customer talking! The more they are talking or venting about what is going on around their problem, this is a sign they are starting to trust you. People want to be heard and understood at the end of the day. And, people love to talk about themselves.

So, if you are a person who is constantly bombarding others with multiple messages or calls without a response then you may need to switch up your strategy and do less talking and start listening.

2.Clarifying The Prospect’s Needs And Emotions

Part of building trust with your prospect is digging deep enough into their needs and emotions. People buy on emotion and how you are going to solve their problem in the quickest way possible. If you don’t properly assess what those feelings or needs are, how can you be sure you are selling a solution that will lead to a win-win outcome?

A lot of times your customer may not even be aware they have a need for your solution or even have a problem on their hands. This is for you to undercover and guide the conversation to where you want it to go through discovery questions. Discovery questions are strategic open-ended questions that allow you to gather insight into the prospect’s life, so you can provide the solution that will transform them from pain to gain.

3.Positioning Your Solution To Solve Their Problem

Once you have identified what your prospect's problem is then you can start assessing whether your solution will fit their needs and how to best position it. Being direct and pushy will have you getting the door slammed in your face or immediately ghosted. To prevent this from happening, you will want to ask them questions about what is it costing them emotionally or financially if they don’t take action.

You are assessing if they are in a position to leap forward with your solution and if they are ready to level up. Now, some prospects may wish to remain stuck or feel you don’t exactly solve their problem. This is where you have to know to cut your losses because not every prospect will become a client.

On the other hand, those who are looking for a solution will want it to feel natural in the committing process and know you have their best interest. This is where you will want to present how your solution is going to work and benefit them overall. You are asking them if they have any additional questions and see if they are ready to make the purchase.

If you are currently in a sales position or leading a team of sales associates, focusing on the relationships you are building with close more deals than any other strategy. Looking to increase your revenue? Then let's get your new sales strategy in place. Click here to speak with one of our relationship capital consultants.


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