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How To Make Your Employees Happy And Prevent Turnover

With the ever-evolving online work culture, in-office atmospheres have seen a heavy decline in losing employees. And, while some prefer the nomadic lifestyle, others still seek out opportunities that provide beneficial work perks.

The question is what will make your employees happy?

The further you understand what keeps your employees productive, the better chance you have keeping them on board. The last thing you want to lose is a valuable asset to your company’s growth or encounter the costly rate of training new employees.

Here Are Five Tips To Keep Your Employees Coming Back To Work Each Day:

1.Creating Lifestyle Work Perks

The reason so many individuals like working from home is the flexibility to do work and maintain lifestyle routines like working out, laundry, healthy cooking, or even traveling, etc. Being in an office can make it challenging to manage all of life's tasks while leaving little free time after work hours or on the weekend.

Providing a simple cooking area or in-office gym can help employees keep up with their lifestyle choices while still showing up for work. This keeps the company growing while maintaining performance and productivity.

2.Flexibility With Dress Code

Depending on what your company does there can be a plethora of options. If you have meetings with clients, then obviously being presentable to industry standards holds precedence. However, if your staff doesn’t have meetings, and their wardrobe image will not impact business sales, then providing flexible options can keep your employees feeling a bit freer to express their individuality.

The perks of working from home allow each person to wear what is suitable and comfortable, such as business on top for zoom calls and sweats on the bottom. Giving your employees the opportunity for a lighter dress code like jeans or casual days can help give them more comfortability in the workplace atmosphere. Perhaps it’s not an everyday routine, but more of a set day each month or week.

3.External Memberships

It’s pretty common these days to provide your staff with perks that benefit their lifestyle. Some companies are offering gym memberships, meditation packages, performance coaching sessions, stipends for learning new skills, or even daycare facilities. The easier you can make your employee’s lives outside of work the more they will be able to focus on their performance. It’s a win-win for everyone.

4.De-stressing Stations

From financial institutions to chaotic start-ups, the work environment can get stressful or even emotionally draining at times. Also, it’s not uncommon for individuals to bring their personal stressors into their work productivity. Humans are connected after all and can't always shut off the outside noise.

Giving your staff a relaxation room can help them feel more relaxed and less stressed while at work. The mental break room can include headphones for music, a TV, a treadmill, a punching bag, a reading station, a meditation area, yoga mats, etc. It’s best to ask your employees what they would use most when creating a place of relaxation.

5.Employee Appreciation Meals

Meals are a great way to bring your staff closer together and share parts of their lives that they typically wouldn’t share during work hours. Hosting a breakfast or lunch once a week or month, depending on your company preference, can create a positive company culture and teamwork mentality.

Experiencing a light-hearted interaction with co-workers on the job keeps your employees happier, valued, and appreciated. The more your employees feel a sense of belonging at work the less likely they are to leave.

What can you implement today to keep your employees happy? The cost of perks is way less than a turnover.


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