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Feeling like your goal is light years away?

Being a natural-born leader who wants to achieve all their wildest dreams can seem like climbing Mt. Everest when trying to achieve success. You have mapped out your career plan, established your relationship goals, and set forth to live out your best life. But nonetheless, your plans seem to hit a surprising impasse leaving you bewildered.

The next thing you know, the daily grind becomes routine and boring without seeing much progress. You start to question parts of who you are because you haven’t been able to achieve what you want within a particular time frame. And instead of feeling excited and happy you are moving forward, you are mentally beating yourself up and feeling worthless.

Blaming yourself isn’t going to get you any closer to your goals. And maybe you think some of the world’s greatest leaders have been lucky or born with natural talent, but really it comes down to mindset, perspective, and daily grit to achieve success. Only looking at the big successes comes from more of a fixed mindset, where a leader looks at the small wins that lead to victory using a daily growth mindset.

And, maybe you’re comparing yourself to famous athletes, actors, or even business gurus like Richard Branson. But, guess what? They didn’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden reach the top of their game. What they didn’t show you is the years of failures, resilience, and hurdles they overcame to get to where they are today. So here you are, pondering how come you haven’t achieved all of your life goals?

Have you thought about celebrating your small wins? Or do you only value your big successes?

If you are waiting to celebrate until you reach the big successes, then you’re really missing out on the fun of living in the now!

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need To Celebrate The Small Wins: 1.Creates Successful Habits If you are sitting around wondering why on earth it feels like you are moving as fast as a turtle, then maybe you’re missing out on the joys of today. Your daily habits are the simple actions that take you one step farther towards your big goals. And to simply look over them as they are minute is devaluing your daily success.

Your direction is much more important than your speed.

Now, success is different for every individual based on their goals and life experiences, but the one thing that is consistent amongst everyone is the day-to-day grind. It is what produces the results you are looking for to reach your big successes.

Your daily routine is critical to your success story.

And if you find creating a daily routine tedious or overwhelming, then sit down and look at the positive of what happens if you hold yourself accountable. Did your to-do-list shrink? Are you one step closer to your goal? Can you see your progress more clearly?

Ultimately it’s the big goal you are after, but you don’t want to neglect yourself today as every actionable step accounts for a part of your success. Having a daily structure is the key element to seeing progress, especially when you receive an email reply from a potential client or make a new connection to form a joint partnership. Every small movement is a win.

2.Boosts Your Confidence When you make weekly progress, your mindset begins to shift believing your goal is much closer in proximity than you realize. This naturally induces your feel-good hormone, dopamine, elevating your motivation and pushing you forward day after day.

The weekly progress helps you recognize you are on the right path while confirming you are capable of everything you desire, despite the time it will take to actually achieve the goal. And, when you make a small win, it deserves a little recognition to honor the hard work and commitment you have made to get there.

Celebrating the small wins leads to internal confidence making you feel more invincible than yesterday. Holding on to that tiny piece of energy is the fuel to keep you going through the trenches even when the feeling of exhaustion sets in. Because the goals don’t just happen on their own, it’s an ongoing process that deserves praise along the way!

3.Gives You Gratitude Having gratitude is something every successful person needs along their journey. Being grateful for all the hard lessons, the blessings of your connections and the experience of overcoming your setbacks gives you a sense of accomplishment. This allows you to keep a positive perspective as you work your way to the top.

Your gratitude is a reflection of your inner attitude and how you continuously keep moving despite how many hiccups you may encounter on the climb. The ability to have the opportunity to pursue your dreams is something to be grateful in itself. If you find yourself feeling ungrateful, it can become a slippery slope between failing and succeeding.

Being grateful for the simple things, like air, water, food, resources, endurance, and a growth mindset allows you to wake up each day and cheers to your morning coffee in that you get the opportunity to take one more step forward. This in its self is a priceless gift and costs you absolutely nothing when striving for success. Being able to celebrate life is worth it!

Gratitude is the power of happiness by acknowledging what we already have.

4.Focuses On The Now Today isn’t just another day in the books. It’s a day that deserves appreciation because it’s a small stepping stone to get you a step farther in the process. If you are constantly thinking about the future, you may pass up an opportunity that leads you to your big goal. Every actionable moment is setting you up for success.

You will want to be strategic in your day-to-day operations rather than hoping for it to come to fruition. Visualizing and meditating are all great tools, but they only take you so far. Implementing actionable steps is the only way you can achieve amazing results you are proud of. And, you can do this by acknowledging the little things you do each day.

When you focus on the power of now, you have the ability to solve problems at lightning speed. If your mind is wandering off in a different direction, like the past or the future, then it can be challenging to honor the small wins.

Disregard your distractions. Feed your focus.


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