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Relationship Capital

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Relationships. Revenue. Resolution.

In today's business landscape, the success of your company, whether flourishing or merely surviving, is intricately tied to your ability to cultivate a strong culture, foster cohesion, uphold exceptional leadership, and cultivate trustworthy relationships. While previously considered "soft skills," companies of all sizes now recognize their pivotal role in delivering tangible bottom-line results. We firmly believe that prioritizing strong and trustworthy relationships with clients, colleagues, and prospective customers will pave the way for enhanced future performance and success.

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Maximizing the value of your relationships will

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One of the biggest reasons companies see a decline in financial performance lies underneath the numbers and the strength of relationships amongst employees, executives, partnerships, or clientele. Weak relationships can cause your business to underperform each and every day, sometimes without you even knowing.

We are here to...

Increase your revenue with our relationship intelligence

blueprint to excel within and outside your company.

Establish trust and transparency throughout communication channels.

Build conflict resolution and negotiation skills to bridge the gap between differences before they impact your bottom line. 

Our Services

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Conflict Resolution

Reducing tension and conflict not only boosts the morale of the company, but has a huge impact on retaining top talent and client to achieve long-term revenue growth. 

One of the most valuable assets of a company is its network of employees, partnerships, and clients. Positive relationships increase the bottom line and sustain client satisfaction.

Young Business Colleagues


A great leader knows their team counts on them to guide the way while also helping each member become a skilled and valuable leader within the company. 

Our Mission


"At Twenty Eight, Our Mission is to Empower Organizations and Entrepreneurs to Cultivate Relationship Capital, Both Internally and Externally Through Effective Leadership, Client Management, and Conflict Resolution. We Believe That A Company's Reputation and Revenue are Intricately Linked to the Quality of Their Relationships."

Why Twenty Eight? Dating back to history, the number 28 signifies a symbol of prosperity and leadership in business. Those who are willing to strive towards success through a transformation of hard work, optimism, empathy, and teamwork will reap the benefits of financial abundance, personal power and balance, and remarkable relationships.


Your day-to-day actions match the words you tell clients and employees.


Building relationships and increasing your potential.


Transparent & effective communication creates thriving relationships.



leadership improves the company culture.


“Investing in relationship and conflict resolution skills has transformed my business, fostering better communication and understanding among team members. It has boosted productivity and enhanced our client relationships.”

Justin S. 
Technology Founder 

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Ready To Learn More?

Given the unique nature of every company, we recommend a brief discovery call to identify the specific challenges you're facing, assess the compatibility of our services with your needs, and tailor a customized approach to enhance relationship capital, address conflicts, and foster leadership excellence among your team members.

Take the initiative today and reach out to schedule your call. Let's embark on this journey together!

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